The culture shop under LED

Are you embarking on indoor culture and looking for the perfect horticultural lighting for your LED indoor growing project? Do you want to replace your equipment in your grow room? Are you interested in a horticultural LED with low power consumption and high efficiency? Discover the products of the Plantledshop store, official reseller of URSA California and market leader of LED lamps.

Horticultural LED lamp for growth and cuttings

Growth and cuttings are essential steps before you can quickly harvest your production. They are vital for a viable domestic culture. The growth phase is often the most appreciated by lovers of indoor culture: it is the period when we see the plants come out of the ground and grow daily. However, this is a time when the plant is fragile. It must therefore be helped with the provision of a growth lamp and high-power seedlings suitable for horticulture. Good growth can increase the yield of your horticultural production and make better cuttings regardless of the type of plant. The cuttings and the rapid growth participate in the beautiful flowering, final phase where the plant has specific needs.

Horticultural LED lamp for flowering

The flowering stage is the most important of all. It is the one that will allow you to obtain a high yield of your horticultural production. So you have to pay attention to your most developed plants because they may have special needs. If you want to have the least work to do and ensure a good harvest, it is very interesting to be equipped with LED lamp for the flowering of your houseplants. We also speak of mixed LED lamp to designate this light source.

Room of culture and tent of interior

Looking for a room of culture or a box of culture for an interior culture? If you do not have a large volume like a garage or an outbuilding, you can still equip yourself with high-performance equipment suitable for horticultural production. This is the best way to have an intensive production compared to your surface even if you do not have natural light or sufficient natural light intensity. In fact, a growing room is a closed environment that limits the variations of weather conditions and other data relevant to indoor growing or your indoor garden. Stability is a factor of success for indoor cultivation: plants do not suffer strong differences and can grow serenely.