OPTIROOM 80 – 80 x 80 x 160 cm


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OPTIROOM 80x80x160 cm - Gardening all year is EASY!
The OPTIROOM growth chamber 80 x 80 x 160 cm allows you to create an easy and economical indoor garden.
This grow room offers your plants a healthy environment, very easy to install, and completely sealed to light, this allows you to garden cleverly all year round.

A room of culture Grand Luxe, Adapted to all the Budgets!
Gardening is now a year-round hobby, apart from the weather and the seasons: With OPTIROOM 80, recreate the ideal microclimate of summer or fall to grow and bloom your favorite plants. Simple to mount and easy to install, this growing chamber is thought and optimized to save you time. Each element constituting the OPTIROOM is manufactured with care, and only with high quality material; Simply so that this room culture through time despite frequent use.

A valuable tool for gardeners who want to succeed in their indoor planting!
OPTIROOM 80 perfectly meets all your criteria:

A culture chamber totally light-proof, thanks to its black nylon outer fabric very resistant.
A high performance mylar interior liner, with over 97% light reflection emitted by your lighting kit.
A culture chamber adapted and easy to install; several retractable inputs are present to facilitate the hermetic installation of all the culture equipment (lighting kit, extractor system, air intake system, fan, etc.).
A very solid growing chamber, supporting up to 30 Kilos of material. With a metal tube structure of white lacquered anticorrosive Ø16mm, and reinforced PVC corners.
On a daily basis, a room of culture that is very easy to maintain, thanks to the "Water Tray" background mobile and waterproof.

The Chamber of Optimized Culture – OPTIROOM 80 X 80 X 160cm

Do you want to know everything about the OPTIROOM culture chamber?


Technical characteristics of the OPTIROOM growth chamber 80x80x160cm
OPTIROOM gardening room 80 x 80 x 160cm
Brand of cultivation chamber OPTIROOM
Wording of the chamber of culture OPTIROOM 80x80x160cm – OR80 OPTIROOM
Size of the growing chamber Longueur et largeur de 80cm, hauteur de 160cm
Size of the entrance door Porte d’accès de 75cm, hauteur de 140cm
Exterior cladding of OPTIROOM Tissu extérieur de la chambre de culture en nylon 420D*
Air inlet grille – Rear, bottom Longueur de 25cm, hauteur de 13.5cm
Ventilation sock – Left side, on top Lined and retractable with a diameter of 13.5cm (Ø135mm)
Ventilation Sock – Left Side, Bottom Lined and retractable with a diameter of 13.5cm (Ø135mm)
Ventilation sock – Left side, top Lined and retractable with a diameter of 13.5cm (Ø135mm)
Ventilation Sock – Right Side, Bottom Lined and retractable with a diameter of 13.5cm (Ø135mm)
Ventilation Sock – Right Side, Top Lined and retractable with a diameter of 13.5cm (Ø135mm)
Cable sock – Rear, top Retractable doubled sock of 8cm diameter (Ø80mm)
Using the OPTIROOM 60 chamber Room specially designed for indoor gardening
Room of culture guarantee 2 years warranty after the date of purchase

OPTIROOM room mounting guide 80 X 80 X 160cm

EASILY mount your House of Culture OPTIROOM, following these 5 steps:

1- Before starting to assemble your room of culture OPTIROOM 80: Unpack and organize the elements constituting the room of culture: the bars of the same size together, the corners, the fabric, the water tray, ....

2- Assembly of the OR80-OPTIROOM culture space structure: Assemble the bars and corners according to the diagram present in the cardboard to form the metal structure.

3- Preparation of the OPTIROOM80 tarpaulin: Spread the canvas on the ground, and fully open the zipper of the growing chamber.

4- Combine the elements of the OPTIROOM 80x80x160cm: Locate the bottom of the culture chamber, and pass it under the skeleton of the metal structure. Lift the rest of the canvas around the skeleton of the metal structure.

5- Install the finishes of the OR80 -OPTIROOM chamber: Install the metal support bars for the lighting kit and the ventilation system, and set up the water tray inside the culture chamber

Your grow chamber OPTIROOM is now ready to receive the growing material, and then the plants.

The OPTIROOM 80 culture chamber is delivered with a set of instructions.
Precautions for OR80 - OPTIROOM

Make the most of your OPTIROOM grow room by following our recommendations!

1- Be careful not to use sharp objects (cutter, knife, screwdriver ...) for unpacking, and the mounting of the OPTIROOM 80 culture chamber.

2- Check the presence of the different parts constituting the OR80 - OPTIROOM culture chamber, during unpacking.

3 - Follow the assembly steps summarized in the "OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS" tab of the OPTIROOM60 file.

4 - Use a lighting kit with a maximum power of 400W HPS / HPI; in case of high temperature in the OPTIROOM 80, install a glazed reflector on the lighting kit.

5 - In the event of damage to the OR80 - OPTIROOM culture chamber, contact the Plantledshop stores service department.

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