OPTI Thermo Hygro Medium


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Opti Thermo Hygro Digital MEDIUM – Easily check and control the climate of your garden!

The Thermo – Hygro MEDIUM from OPTIGARDEN allows you to measure the indoor temperature and humidity of your growing room.

The Opti Thermo Hygro Medium has two temperature probes, and a humidity probe.
With these 3 probes, you can measure the temperature and humidity of your growing chamber, and at the same time measure the temperature of the earth root environment, or watering water.

MEASURE is Knowledge! To know is to SUCK!

The ideal temperature for the vast majority of plants is between 20 ° and 25 ° C elsius.

Avoid exceeding 28 ° C which corresponds to an acceleration of transpiration in plants, as well as a delta of 10 ° C difference between day and night.

Ideal moisture when growing plants is 80% relative humidity with constant ventilation, and when blooming moisture 60% (regressive at 40% at the end of the cycle).

Low humidity should be avoided at 50% growth at mid-flowering plants; this gives rise to necrosis spots on the foliage.

3-in-1 hygrometer thermometer with 2 temperature sensors / 1 humidity sensor!

The advantages of O PTI Thermo-Hygro Digital MEDIUM:

  • Thermo hygrometer simultaneously displays the ambient temperature and humidity, as well as the temperature sensed by the wire probe.
  • OPTITHERMO keeps the temperature and humidity in the memory and the maximum humidity
  • Amphibious outdoor temperature measurement probe with 1 meter of cable.
  • Wall or stand mounting.
  • Batteries included


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