Mechanical programmer 16 A OMNIREX LEGRAND


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16 A OMNIREX LEGRAND Mechanical Programmer

The LEGRAND time programmer is very robust; and perfectly suited for lighting up your electrical appliances up to 1200W.

Maximum security with this beefy programmer from LEGRAND!

This Daily Scheduler allows you to set the power on and off of your electrical devices every day.

Easily delay lighting of your plants at the same time every day; this LEGRAND programmer gives you incredible electrical reliability.

Program the ignition of a ventilation device such as an air extractor, air intruder, or air blower. For this you have ON / OFF programming of 96 sequences of 15 minutes.

This timer can also time the water pump of your irrigation system. The 15-minute sequences turned on, for 15 minutes off greatly stimulates the roots of your plants in hydroponics.

Programming is very simple!

Simply set the on / off sequence on the timer dial, turn the dial clockwise to indicate the time you connect the timer, turn on the gray button located on the timer side down to use programming.

The advantages of the LEGRAND programmer:

Robust and designed to last , even with high power ratings.

Usable with all electrical appliances, from water pumps to HPS lighting kits.

Easily programmable .

Characteristics of the mechanical programmer 16 A LEGRAND


Caractéristiques du programmateur mécanique 16 A LEGRAND

Timer type of programmer LEGRAND French
Dimensions du programmateur LEGRAND 5,5 X 11 X 7,5 cm
Dimensions of the programmer LEGRAND 230V / 50Hz
Maximum power of the programmer LEGRAND 3680W – 16A
Programmer’s range LEGRAND 96 sequences of 15 minutes, or 24 hours
Equipment of the programmer card LEGRAND 2P + T and socket 2P + T – 16 A
Programmer switch LEGRAND Forced March – Automatic Programming
Packaging of the programmer LEGRAND Blister
Programmer warranty LEGRAND 2 years
Programmer brand OMNIREX LEGRAND
Using the programmer LEGRAND Any electrical appliance


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