The flowering stage is the most important of all. It is the one that will allow you to obtain a high yield of your horticultural production. So you have to pay attention to your most developed plants because they may have special needs. If you want to have the least work to do and ensure a good harvest, it is very interesting to be equipped with LED lamp for the flowering of your houseplants. We also speak of mixed LED lamp to designate this light source.

Flowering horticultural LED: the best solution for a beautiful harvest

If you are looking for a lighting system for your growing room, your growing room or any indoor growing installation, it is essential to choose a solution adapted to your indoor garden and therefore well choose your horticultural led. Replacing the beneficial effects of a generous sun needed for horticultural production all year round is not an easy task! It is necessary to equip oneself intelligently to find a balance between a good luminosity during the phase of flowering and a controlled energy consumption.

The benefits of a horticultural flowering lamp

A horticultural LED flowering lamp is an excellent stimulator for your houseplants or indoor garden that will replace natural light with a beautiful artificial light. A horticultural flowering LED has certain advantages over other types of lighting such as (HPS lamps or Sodium lamp, MH lamp, neon tube – T5, CFL lamp …).

  • Does not require ballast and no reflector
  • Excellent resistance for a sustainable lighting system
  • Better light output from the market to save up to 80% energy
  • Excellent light efficiency (more than 110 lumens per Watt)
  • Long life: up to 10 times longer than other lamps
  • Little heat emission to limit the risk of burns

Choose a planted LED flowering lamp

As the official distributor of URSA Lighting, California’s leading brand, PlantedShop offers a wide range of LED bloomers: the Helios family, a flagship product in the United States.

Helios LED lamps are horticultural lamps for indoor growing of excellent quality. Thought for crops of all sizes and types (fruits, vegetables …), the horticultural LED flowering lamp satisfies even the most demanding gardeners. To increase yields and lower costs, this patented LED lamp model offers the best of technology: intense PPFD output, good canopy penetration for ideal blooming, passive cooling, optimal light efficiency, lamp orientation at your leisure …

Available in several models:

  • Horticultural Led Lamp 100W
  • Horticultural Led Lamp 185W
  • Horticultural Led Lamp 240W
  • Horticultural Led Lamp 320W
  • Horticultural Led Lamp 600W
  • Horticultural Led Lamp 1200W

Trust a PlantedShop flower horticultural LED lamp to maximize the performance of your indoor growing and lower your production costs.