Looking for a horticultural LED lamp for growing and cutting your indoor crop? Do you want to equip or renew your equipment to optimize the efficiency of your installation? At the Plantledshop, you will be able to discover the best LED lamps with a specific light spectrum for the growth and cuttings of your seedlings.

The importance of light for growth and cuttings

If you are an experienced gardener, you probably know that light is an important factor in your success, however it is never too prudent to recall a few basic rules to understand the importance of light for growth and growth. cuttings.

To grow well and survive, plants must ensure optimal production of organic matter through the process of photosynthesis. Light is indispensable in this alchemy. If natural light is lacking, artificial light must take over and ensure good light supply. In the earth or in an alternative substrate such as hydroponics, artificial light can be provided by a different lighting system in each horticultural installation: HPS and MH lamps, CFL, neon tube – T5 or horticultural LED lamps.

Why choose a horticultural LED lamp for growth?

The horticultural LED lamp is the ideal lamp in indoor growing. The big advantage of the horticultural LED lamp for growth and cuttings is the power consumption. Having an indoor garden and houseplants requires a good low energy light source to limit energy consumption. In addition, the lifespan of LED lamps is much higher than MH and HPS bulbs. This avoids regular purchases of expensive consumables. Finally, a horticultural LED lamp does not produce heat: you do not need to worry about the heat and install an air conditioner for example.

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