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Absolutely! One of our experienced support representatives will be in touch to help you find a solution that fits your application. We show you the best solution to guarantee that you have a smooth conversion.

We guarantee our lamps 5 years parts and labour. If there is unfortunately a problem, just simply return us your lamp to:
O-Magma SAS, 29 Bd. Ferdinand de LESSEPS, 13003 Marseille, FRANCE, and we’ll fix it.

LED lighting will help spare cash significantly due to the fact that they take much less energy to work.

Likewise LED’s radiate far less warmth contrasted to an HPS or CMH light, which additionally can bring down the cost of your energy bill for the entire area.

The Helios 100W produces 0.075kW/h (260BTU) of heat in the growth area.
The Helios 185W produces
The Helios 240W produces
The Helios 320W produces
The Helios 600W produces
The Helios 1200W produces

Our lights are LEDs, meaning they use diodes, not COB. They don’t need to be changed out like HPS (high-pressure sodium) or MH (metal halide) bulbs every 6-9 months.

Full spectrum light closely resembles natural sunlight, which plants have been accustomed to for billions of years. Plants thrive when given the quality and intensity of light that they’re accustomed to and have naturally adapted to.

IP65 is an international standard that designates that a fixture is safe for use in wet or humid environments. Our lights can be sprayed with a garden hose while on and keep on working without any problems. In fact, we have one of the few lights that are certified safe to work in wet and humid environments, like grow rooms and greenhouses.

The Helios 600W Series covers 1.5m2 during the flowering phase.

Most of us are used to keeping temps down in the room because of the intense heat coming from the HPS bulbs. We ran those temps- not because it was optimal- because we had to or else we faced bigger problems such as cooking the crop or worse, in the event an AC fails, killing the plants. This is NOT the case with our LED technology.

HPS give off excess infrared light that overheats the plant cuticle and that is why indoor temps are kept in the 70’s. Our LED’s do not give off excess IR and for that reason, you treat your plants like outdoor plants which like it hotter. An optimal temp range for our lights would be in the 80-85F (26-29C).

Industrial quality for intensive and reliable use.
The no holes barred quality selection of the components and materials used, explains the price and the satisfaction provided by our lamps.

Our specific high quality led cobs will still be at more than 95% of their original power after 5 years of use. Hence our 5 year guarantee.

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