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How to install horticultural LEDs?

If you want to do indoor cultivation, the question of artificial light will arrive fairly quickly. Indeed, your indoor plants in your indoor garden need brightness. Without it allows plants to achieve their photosynthesis, process by which the plant will create organic matter.

The choice of horticultural LED lamps

Choosing a horticultural LED lamp is a great idea. This lighting system is one of the most profitable and most effective if you want to create a beautiful horticultural installation inside your home. Among the alternatives are the HPS and MH bulbs, the neon tube type T5 or CFL.

A horticultural LED lamp is a low energy lighting system. Power consumption is a factor to consider in order to reduce your energy bill and not lose too much money. The LED (Light Emitting Diode LED) does not allow energy by producing light. This is the fault of other lighting systems that produce a strong heat. Not only is this heat unnecessary, but it sometimes requires an air conditioner or fan to avoid burning the plants and keeping the temperature stable.

The installation of horticultural LED lamps in a growing room

A culture chamber (or culture box, culture cabinet, culture cupboard …) ensures a healthy and stable environment to keep ideal conditions such as humidity or temperature. Each grow chamber sold on Plantledshop is equipped with retractable inputs that allows to install serenely all the necessary culture equipment: lighting kit, fan, air extractor, but especially horticultural LED lamps.

A horticultural LED grow or cutter lamp or a flowering LED lamp can be hung on the top of the growing chamber thanks to the adapted and solid metal structure. Care must be taken to choose an LED support or LED suspension with a load capacity adapted to the weight of the LED.

Thanks to Plantledshop, shop specializing in indoor growing equipment, you can order a culture chamber of very good quality and that lasts a long time in the dimensions of your choice, a professional horticultural LED lamp adapted to your needs and suspensions to install horticultural LED lamps.

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